Sunday, July 31, 2011

Minimalist Children's Posters

I'm the first to admit I am a pack rat. I can think of a reason or use for anything and everything which is why I will never have a minimalist home. That being said I am always drawn to minimalist art prints like these ones. I am so into these for a child's room. Though I think one that they are missing is a simple arrow for Robin Hood. Guess its not really a children's book. Although if you've ever read the non Disney Pinocchio it really isn't either. Maybe kids were tougher way back.

So here are just a few from the Christian Jackson children's posters series. My favourite is the Princess and the Pea. Love the colours - could make a matching colourway quilt.
the link for you to see them all

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  1. These are awesome! And would make amazing quilts/wall hangings!