Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Snow Day Playtime

It has been a while since I blogged. I blame daylight savings time. I can't stand going to work when it's light and feeling like I'm missing the day, and I don't like getting home in the dark feeling like I missed the whole day. It sucks big time. So, daylight savings time has sucked all the crafty life out of me lately.

That and the fact that my mum decided to do an intro quilting class (yeay mum!) which has meant my craft room is now her homework room. I forgot how heavy the homework for intro classes is - some weeks she had to finish 3 blocks, which not getting home at night until 6.30 or 7 some nights meant some epic quilting sessions. Hew sampler quilt is looking amazing! I will have to get it up on the design wall to sneak a few pictures.

The biggest bonus of my mum taking this class is that she bought a new Bernina 330 sewing machine that resides in my house. Score! Until mum decides if sewing is for her I get to keep it here to utilize. If she decides it isn't for her I'm going to buy the machine from her in installments. Woo woo!

Today was the first real snowy day in my neck of the woods which meant havoc on the driving to work this morning. We passed ditched cars, and kept hearing bad news reports all the way in. When we hit a big hill with stopped traffic we deiced to go home. Good thing too because the cars were stopped due to icy conditions on the hill and ditched cars, and on the way home it was near white-out conditions. Boo-urns! If only I could have convinced the driver to turn around earlier. Oh well. I called my boss to ask what it was like in town and it didn't sound promising, so she told me to turn around and stay put at home which I did gladly. I admit I am a worrier as a passenger in the winter driving months, but I think I was okay this morning.

Once I brushed off the snow and got my boots off I immediately got my craft room ready for a major sewing session. I had a new ruler and book that I have been meaning to use as well as some Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric so I set to it, and this is the result:

Since this photo 2 things have happened: 1) my camera died, and 2) I finished sewing this all together. It always amazes me how much I can accomplish in an unexpected day away from work, but a planned day I get nothing done. Sheesh. So, I'm off to the fabric shop this weekend (the 25% off coupon I have doesn't hurt) to get fabric for 2 borders for this guy. I want it a little bigger for a good snuggling quilt.
I got the idea from Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown (The Patchwork Place) and used a 90 degree triangle ruler.

So until the camera gets fixed (aka getting charged batteries) no more photos to share. I hope to have this one done this weekend if all goes to plan, but as things rarely do I'd be happy with it being done by the end of next week. It is a good distraction from thinking about my sister who is about to pop out my first nephew. Can't wait to see little Jasper on this side of the flesh.