Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jasper Quilt

I just cast the last stitch on my nephew-to-be Jasper's quilt. It's not exactly what I pictured when I started, but I am happy with the result. Hopefully my sister likes it.

It is my second go at machine binding and I have to say it went much smoother this go around. I think next time I would cut the binding even wider - maybe even up to 3 inches just to give more wiggle room when stitching. Next up is a quick wash through the machine to get rid of any loose threads and copious amounts of cat fluff as Malcolm decided it was a nice place to snuggle up last night. Silly cat.
Please excuse the sad excuse for pictures of the quilt - photo booth on the laptop definitely has its limitations! 

 The front - I decided after finishing the top with the posts in that it wasn't what I liked so I had to unpick soooo many stitches, and redo all the rows. It was totally worth it though, because it looks way more modern without them.

I wanted to have a fully reversible quilt, so I pieced together a scrappy back using the solids from the front as well as the left over prints (in the center strip). I think I like the back better than the front just because it is so out there.

As much of a close up as photo booth would allow. I think the Greek key style quilting really worked on the front, and doesn't look too bad on the back. I was concerned when I first started that it would seem to random on the back, but I ended up liking the effect. It has shown me that my quilting skills need improvement, so I think I might make some quilted placemats to practice on. I do love the bamboo batting I picked up at Wilton Creek Fabrics. It seems to glide through better than the cotton stuff I had for my sampler quilt many moons ago.

Next up are napkins and coasters for little sister who is moving into her first apartment today. So exciting. As a bonus she is in school for esthetics - yeay to not paying ridiculous prices for waxing anymore. Hubbie has even donated his legs to her for waxing practice - now that will be an hilarious afternoon!!

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