Saturday, September 3, 2011

Next set of Napkins

I wanted to use up the leftover bits of fabric left after the first set up napkins so I whipped up 4 more. I think I actually prefer these scrappy ones to the original ones. Isn't that always the way?

I think making napkins might be a new favourite since there is instant gratification. The more I quilt the more I realize I am all about the instant gratification. I love making each block, but get bogged down in the actual construction and cutting. I think that's why I lean towards improv quilting most where there is less precise cutting and more playing around.

Up next will be the coaster set I made to go with the napkins, and a practice union jack quilt block. Oh and an owl pillow. I guess I was busy during my holidays.


  1. Lovely napkins!

    I'd really like to make my own snack bags, but I don't know what the inner material is and which are food sage, but once I learn I'm going to fire up that sewing machine for sure.

    Andi, Lunch It Punch It

  2. Thanks Andi!
    I think it is usually oilcloth or a vinylized fabric. I have found a few tutorials, but haven't gotten around to the snack packs yet.
    These napkins are easy-peasy as you can use scraps or a fat quarter, and you could make them smaller if they were for a child. I've seen lovely ones for children's lunches with ric rac around the edges - those are on my list too. a very long list :)