Monday, January 23, 2012

Delayed and Determined

I have been sick since Thursday with a bad cold and sometimes flu-ish symptoms. As I type this my head is throbbing, nose is stuffy and my sinuses are screaming. I hate whatever it is I have mostly because it kept me from getting anything done this weekend on my 3 swaps. Argh. So, here is what I'm behind in now:
1. fabric for iSPy Charm Swap purchased (what I was going to use didn't end up being enough) and cut and shipped

2. fabric for For the Love of Solids Swap sorted and ideas sketched. I've got some stuff on paper, but nothing i'm willing to show at this point. All i know is that I am likely making a pillow or 2 and something smaller. Although I could also make baskets/containers but they scare me with the pins required to keep them lined up - so not my style.

3. I did manage to pull some fabrics for the Mouthy Stitches Swap swap after getting my partner assignment Saturday or was it Sunday? Anywho, I know that will be in blues, oranges and some greys so luckily I have some of those colours in fun fabrics. I just have to decide now between a scrappy log cabin or paper pieced front and what style of pouch I'm making. I think I will need to order some zips as well, so I'm off to zipit to order supplies and look at the zipper pulls.

4. Finish up my strip pieced Innocent Crush quilt. I managed to score fat quarters for $1.50 and yardage for $6.00 from a canadian supplier I love - Pam at Mad About Patchwork.
I get annoyed at the price of shipping to Canada from US Etsy peeps and even some of the bigger US fabric shops. I know its not necessarily their fault with the prices, but adding $5 or more on top of the flat rate pack price is a bit much.

If I get anything properly sketched out I'll make sure to post it, but right now I'm just enjoying the rest since the only time me head & sinuses don't hurt is when I lie down. Bleh. The only benefit of this is that I have had several lovely days of snuggles with the dogs. Ruby & Crosby are lovely nursemaids - if only i could teach them to make me food.

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