Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the Love of Solids Swap

I'm keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that I am accepted into my first ever swap. I'll understand if I'm not since part of their rules state you have to have been active in other swaps, but I thought it might be worth a shot - you've got to start somewhere.

I've been thinking of joining a swap for ages and finally took the plunge. Now on to coming up with an inspiration mosaic for the swap.
 Here are the things involved in the mosiac ( I think I'm missing some):
1. 2-tone drunk love - Denyse Schmidt
2. Birds of a Feather by Red Pepper Quilts
3. Michael Miller Violet, Lagoon, Meadow, Charcoal, Clementine
4. Solids Cabins - Ellison Lanes
5. Fish Baby Log Cabins - A Stitch in Dye
6. Flying Farfalle Quilt - Film in the Fridge
7. Gees Band Quilt 1945
8. Improv Block - Knit One Quilt Too
9. Improv Quilt - My Patchwork
10. Pint Sized Swap Quilt - badskirt
11. Prism Quilt - Fresh Lemons
12. Number Signs Quilt - Quilt Story
13. Chevron Quilt - my own
14. Scrappy Triangles - Film in the Fridge
15. Everything Coming Up Rainbows - Spotted Stone

I realized when I was looking at the blog that I never photographed my Getting Comfortable with Colour course wall hanging. It is still just a top basted to the batting - no finish on this yet because I can't decide how to finish it off for binding. The colours didn't photograph all that well, but here is a photo anyhow:
I did dazzle it up with my Elvis pin from my trip to Graceland - this photo gives you a better idea of the background fabric true colour:

It was the best class I've ever taken - I think I like theory classes much more that project classes. There is a huge age gap at the quilting shopd around my hometown so I am usually the youngest by decades at the classes I've taken which can be fun, but usually involves the other ladies rolling their eyes at my fabric and colour selections. The best is when Ki takes classes with me - we laugh together and I don't feel so out of place. Of course her stuff is always more amazing than what I can produce.
Here is her colour class finished product:
That's Ki's mum Jennifer holding the wall hanging. Ki & I were the first people finished in the class - we did these in less than an hour while everyone else was still having trouble not using rotary cutters and making perfect lines. Sometimes it pays to be different :)

I also really like Kiley's quilting, and how she does her signature:

As a bit of a side note: she makes these amazing scarves and hubster & I love love love ours:

She made our save the date and wedding invitations (inside) and cake toppers - I told you she was talented! Check out her work at her k-doodles blog.

I'll keep you posted if I'm accepted in the swap, and on my progress. Fingers & toes crossed.


  1. Hope you get into the swap and I'll see you there!

  2. Alli!

    Thanks for the big shout out! That was a fun project and we must find a class to take soon!

    Also, I am jealous of your swap involvement, if you see any others coming up and want to join let me know! I'd love to swap!

  3. I was lucky to get in myself I think - #98 of 100! Next time I will definitely give you the heads up on a swap. I hope I'm able to do something good enough for this one. There are a ton of bloggers I have followed for ages in this swap. The pressure is big with this one.

    I was thinking of trying to do one with our crafty gang mid-season to our Xmas exchange. Like a Xmas in July idea. Once I do this swap I shold have a better idea how they work. Thoughts?