Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mouthy Stitches - first glimpse

Okay here is my fabric pull for the Mouthy Stitches zipper pouch swap as promised:
The photo is rubbish - i should have taken it during the day in proper daylight. Since I didn't the flash washed out some of the fabrics and some look darker (wtf?!?) That aside I am happy with how I managed to make the fabrics look a bit like the pattern I will be going for - a bonus.

I think I am ever so slightly leaning towards the aqua Kona Crush fabric for the main fabric, and will use the darker fabric on the right in the scrappy log cabin. I think the acorns will now feature as an interior pocket, and maybe a bit on the back.

The back is a secret project until i get the chance to test out some ideas - i'm possibly getting overly ambition for my skills so I want to quietly try it out and play around before I decide. One good thing is that I am super sure I'm on the right track for my partner. woo hoo!

I am hoping to get some cutting ans sewing done for this on the weekend after a trip to Perth for some fabric provisions. Why don't the local stores stock a range of solids?!?!? If I can't find what I want in Perth I'm heading back to Pam at Mad About Patchwork for some more goodies. I have a Kona colour card thanks to Ki so its much easier to internet shop.


  1. Love the pops of colour and the owl is just charming.

  2. Looks fab and sounds like you have your partner sussed!